BETA works with a variety of manufactures to give you the best reliability and support for your Pressure Control devices tailored for your operations.

We offer the best nozzles (underwing, single point, SPRs) and couplers (pit coupler, moosehead, hydrant coupler) controlling or non-controlling as wells in-line pressure control valves (ILPCV, primary controller, automatic valve) for your operations. BETA parts are configured for a lightweight and ergonomic usage.

BETA has a long relationship with EATON Carter but will work with any airport requirement to provide you with your preferences.


Pressure Control

  • Air Operated
  • Fuel OperatedAlfons Haar preciCONTROL
  • Electrical Operated
  • Deadman Control
  • Manual Flow Control
  • Digital Pressure Control


  • Eaton Carter
  • Cla-val
  • Meggit
  • Avery Hardall
  • Alfons Haar
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