Nozzles/Couplers/Pressure Control

BETA works with a variety of manufacturers to give you the best reliability and support for your Nozzles/Couplers/Pressure Control devices tailored for your operations. We offer the best nozzles (underwing, single point, SPRs) and couplers (pit coupler, moosehead, hydrant coupler) controlling or non-controlling as well as in-line pressure control valves (ILPCV, primary controller, automatic valve) for your operations. They are configured for  lightweight and ergonomic usage.

BETA has a long relationship with EATON Carter but will work with any airport requirement to provide you with your preferences.



  • Variety of Hose and pressure controlsunderwing_nozzle_ClaValcoupler_ClaVal
  • Swivels
  • Nozzle Screens
  • Ball valves
  • Dry-Brake Quick Disconnects
  • Ground Clips
  • Variety of Inlet Options


  • Air Operated
  • Fuel Operated
  • Variety of Outletscoupler_Eaton
  • Controlling
  • Non-Controlling
  • Handle Lift Options
  • Crocodile Options
  • RFI

Pressure Control

  • Air Operated
  • Fuel Operated
  • Electrical Operated
  • Deadman Control
  • Manual Flow Control underwing_nozzle_Meggitt
  • Digital Pressure Control


  • Eaton Carter
  • Cla-val
  • Meggit
  • Avery Hardall
  • Alfons Haar


coupler_Meggitt underwing_nozzle_Eaton

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