Refueler Trucks

BETA’s modular design allows for lowest lifetime cost by reusing the fueling system on a new chassis. All of the operator interfaces are positioned for better operator ergonomics and safety when compared to traditional designs.


Your operational uptime depends on our Product Reliability:

  • Simple, lightweight module configuration lowers chassis wear and fuel cost.
  • Pumping system tuned to maximize flow rate, reduce maintenance, and lower fuel cost
  • Operational savings driven by automated electronic controls
  • Optimize your fleet management with fueling and safety data reports

Your service levels depend on our Support:

  • Multifunction touch screen display to guide to reduce operator error and fueling time.
  • Automatic on-board diagnostics and troubleshooting alerts
  • BETA Tech support available through wireless remote vehicle diagnostics to provide the ground support and reduce downtime.
  • Designed utilizing globally approved and available standard components
  • 24-hour global support from certified technicians available at 1.844.BETAWay.
  • Any onsite issues reported responded to within 12 hours.

Your performance depends on quality equipment and timely delivery

  • We design and manufacture over 70% of the content on our trucks to ensure optimal flow rates
  • Over 90% on time delivery of equipment to our customers’ agreed on-site delivery schedule
  • Non-proprietary components so replacement parts can be quickly delivered, maximizing your uptime and fuel efficiency

Common Equipment Sizes and Variations

  • 10k, 7k, 5k, 3k and Custom Aviation Jet A-1 Refuelers
  • 500 Gal, 750 Gal, 1000 Gal, 1200 Gal AVGAS Refuelers
  • Ramp servicers
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